Adenium Pink & Red Mix


Fruits are clustered linear and erect high pungent fruits, resistant to bacterial wilt. Warm humid tropics or subtropics. Can tolerate shade to some extent. Well drained sandy loam soils are ideal for growing chilli. Ideal time for sowing in plains is September to October. In Kerala the seeds are sown in March-April and transplanted in April-May.

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Common Name:- Sabi star, kudu, Mock azalea, Impala Lily and Desert Rose.

Adenium is a genus of flowering plants in the family Apocynaceae. Adenium obesum, commonly called desert rose, is a thick-stemmed sparsely-leaved perennial succulent that is native to semi- arid, sub-Saharan regions of eastern and southwestern Africa plus the Arabian peninsula. Grow this plant in full sun in potting soil appropriate for cacti and succulents in a pot with several drainage holes. Allow the plant to dry between waterings but water during growing periods, thought it is quite drought tolerant. Provide with fertilizer in spring to
encourage blooming. Bring this plant indoors when outside temperatures reach 55°F and decrease water while dormant. Desert rose is also used in bonsai.

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