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Ivy Gourd Stem Cuttings | Kovakka

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Farming with Love

Seeds World

Farming has always been my passion. I could not get into full-fledged farming owing to space and time constraints. When my daughter Anugraha was born, I started to do terrace farming for her. Terrace garden led me to experiment with the ways of organic farming. Today I feel proud to serve my family and friends good organic food.
I was smitten by this method of growing healthy vegetables and soon I started advocating this to my friends, neighbours. I started giving small vegetable kits to people visiting our house. This helped them to taste the difference between vegetables brought from the markets and vegetables grown organically.
This way I was able to convince more people to convert to organic farming. This led to the launch of my YouTube channel “Anugrahas World”. The channel provides proper guidance on how to start and maintain organic vegetable gardens within a confined space.

Through our website ”Anugrahas Seeds World” I am looking to provide people access to good seeds sourced directly from organic gardens at a reasonable price. Motive is not profit but to attract more people to grow good chemical free vegetables. A thriving vegetable garden is something to be proud of. There is nothing better than using the freshest ingredients for the kitchen table straight from your own vegetable garden. My vision is to bring more and more people to organic farming. “Come lets cultivate our own organic vegetables, let’s cook clean and build a healthier world”

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